Border Sessions - Out of Chaos edition | 2 November 2022

Border Sessions - Out of Chaos edition | 2 November 2022

Border Sessions is all about early-stage innovators in technology and culture. Preferably the mix of these two pillars for the future. Technology dominates our lives every day. And culture is what binds us in the ecosystems we thrive in.

We are extremely curious to know what will be the next Tesla, the better MacSomething or the new Google giving digital power to us all.

New Speakers on Tech and Innovation at Border Sessions - Out of Chaos

Jun Yamadera – Tech

In 1995, Jun Yamadera founded Eyes, Japan, the first IT startup from the University of Aizu, Fukushima. He has worked on various cutting edge projects, such as exporting rice from Fukushima, making the world's first virtual pottery system, making CG of historical archives of Japanese castles, temples, traditional dances and medical motions using motion capture. He is a pioneer in Augmented Reality wearable technologies, Medical x IT and has been organizing the world's first medical security hackathon since 2012.

His team won the championship in Developers Challenge 2013 Health 2.0 in Silicon Valley. He is the Health 2.0 Fukushima Chapter Leader, a TEDxKobe 2015 Speaker and an OWASP Fukushima Chapter leader. He started a project called “FUKUSHIMA Wheel” in the aftermath of the terrible disaster caused by the earthquake and nuclear accident in Fukushima, JAPAN on March 11, 2011.

Frans Taminiau – Tech

Frans Taminiau is one of the founders of Unibrick. He will talk about how plastic waste will solve the global housing deficit. Unibrick is a building block for affordable housing made of plastic waste.

For now, the main focus area is developing countries where Unibrick helps build stable and strong constructions that are cheaper than comparable ones. By using local plastic in production facilities run by local franchisees the communities have a triple benefit: better housing, cleaning up plastic waste and having the economic benefits of the process landing in their community.

James White – Innovation

James White is a former US Navy Helicopter pilot with extensive defence experience running complex acquisition projects for NATO. Building on his experiences in NATO, James is now launching DecisionHall with the objective of helping organizations accelerate, reduce the cost, and de-risk complex climate resilience and sustainability projects.

The most important “product” of senior leaders is decisions, and yet the vast majority of leaders rely purely on “gut feeling” to make many of their most important decisions. Decisions lie at the heart of every organization, and it can be surprising how little we understand about what a decision is and how decisions are made. In this workshop, we will explore different types of decisions, and introduce you to tools and techniques developed by the European Space Agency that are used to make key decisions about the design and operation of their most complex space missions.

Matt Barnaby – Innovation

Matt Barnaby is a Brexit escapee now living safely in The Netherlands. He is an unshakable believer in the need for meaningful connection and collaboration to tackle the messy problems out there in the world. So for social purpose-driven teams who face complex challenges, he creates and facilitates the space for those conversations to happen and turn into actions so that change happens. He does this in the worlds of renewable energy, transport, policy, social care, mental health and digitisation with organisations such as the UN, UNICEF, OECD, REN21 and Government organisations all over the world.

In his session, he will run a small un-conference within a conference. So if you have something you'd like to share, discuss, or gather the thoughts of others then come along, pitch your suggestion and we'll self organise to make things happen.

2 november 2022
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