International exhibition ‘Symbiose & Coexistence’ | Windwijzer, Vlaardingen

International exhibition ‘Symbiose & Coexistence’ | Windwijzer, Vlaardingen

‘Symbiose & Coexistence’ is an exhibition curated by Zhanhong Liao in collaboration with Windwijzer, a culture exchange center in Vlaardingen, The Netherlands. All the participants whom Zhanhong has personally invited are passionate professional artists like herself. They met in cultural events, art symposia’s and exhibitions and became colleagues and friends. 

They are Ana Ivanovska  (North Macedonia),  Avijit Mukherjee (India), Elisabeth Melkonyan (Austria), Janick Ericksen (Canada) and Oreilly Jacinta (Ireland).  

The exhibition will present very diverse artworks by all the artists, including Zhanhong Liao. We can see expressive mix media paintings from Janick, abstract work from Jacinta, prints from Avijit, photomontage from Ana, objects from Elisabeth and aquarels from Zhanhong. All the art work are for sale. Artists have agreed to donate 20 percent of the income to an artist friend from Charkov, Ukraine, Valantina S. A.. She is at the moment in Poland. During the exhibition there will be a moment to chat online with her. A real story you can follow too.  

Challenging times 

Throughout history we have explored religion, philosophy, art and music to try to discover the purpose for our existence and for many this elusive question has remained unanswered. However over the past two years due to the pandemic the world has been through a very dramatic period which cannot leave us unscathed. It is clear that during these challenging times we have been united in our suffering and our grief no matter our nationality or our core beliefs. It has been a time of reflection worldwide.  

We are currently facing a frightening war that has already taken thousands of lives in Ukraine.  Everything takes place like a horror movie but is sadly real. Millions of people have fled to different countries in Europe. This is a challenging time for all of us. 

What can we do in the name of humanity and solidarity? How we can find our inner peace. 

Opening performance   

At the opening on Saturday,  14th May at 3 pm Elizabeth will do a live performance entitled Fear of the War against the Vivacity of Freedom. During the two-month exhibitions, lectures and workshops will be offered by participating artists.  

The artists who will present at the opening of the exhibition will be received by local hosts. Opening his door to foreign artist is a great opportunity for culture exchanges, and in return the host will receive a artwork of the artist.  

With the ideas of humanity and solidarity, this exhibition will be an event of connecting people and sharing love. We hope also our locals citizens will come in their suitable time to see the exhibition, join our activities and buy arts.

13 mei 2022 / 15 juli 2022
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