Notre Dame on auction for the Amazon Forest

This upcoming Friday, the 27th of September Galerie Fleur & Wouter will organize an auction in the gallery on the initiative of Sam Andrea. When in April this year the Notre Dame in Paris partly burned down, Sam responded by making a linocut of the flaming church.

Like many, he draws a comparison between this fire and the huge fires that are currently raging in the Amazon rainforest. The many media attention generated by Notre Dame and the astronomical amounts of money that were immediately made available by companies and individuals are in stark contrast to the attention and sponsorship that the Amazon has received so far.

Preservation of the rainforest

As a result, Sam decided to auction his Notre Dame linocuts and donate the proceeds to the trustworthy organisation AMAZON WATCH, which has been committed to the preservation of the rainforest and its inhabitants since 1996. A number of artists have joined in, they too will be offering a work of art. Come and buy art for the climate!

Participating artists: Sam Andrea, Danielle Hoogendoorn, Johan Kleinjan, Kyra Sacks, Gees Voorhees & Laura Andalou.
 Auctioneers: Wouter van Herwaarden & Fleur Feringa

Friday September 27
19:00 - 21:00 hrs

Van Ostadestraat 43A


27 september 2019
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