Online Border Sessions ’22 - time to re-think in a global crisis

Online Border Sessions ’22 - time to re-think in a global crisis

The Russian invasion into the Ukraine has brought a fundamental change. We believe that we must address this act of brutality and open our platform for discussion. Border Sessions exists to give stage to innovators who create positive change. It is the right moment to invite you to our next online meetup on the 15th of March to talk about the actuality and the impact it has on people, nature and society. 

The event on Tuesday the 15th of will host the inspiring Tim van Deursen (Hack the Planet) and Mariken Gaanderse. Tim will share the latest insights on the power of technology to fight poachers. As Chairwoman of the board, Mariken has the honour to open our first Border Session shareholder meeting and you are very much invited to join. 

Border Sessions hosts a free meetup every month leading up to the ‘Out of Chaos’ edition of the live un-conference in The Hague on the 9-10 of June 2022. 

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15 maart 2022
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