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Open Call | sea_youhere 2.0 #artandsustainability

Open Call

Themed virtual residency

The sea_youhere second edition is devoted to those with sustainable art practices. However, what does it mean to have a sustainable practice? What is the accountability towards ideas/objects we spread to the world?
Sustainability can be viewed from different angles – ecological, social justice, non-violence, grassroots democracy, economic.
Sustainable art may also be understood as art that is produced with consideration for the wider impact and its reception in relationship to its environments social, economic, biophysical, historical and cultural.


Maintaining an art practice in a sustainable way is considered as the ability to work without compromising on human and natural resources and thus sustaining them for future generations. We face the climate crisis, depletion of resources, extinction of species, the social and political uncertainties. These challenges make us reflect on the way we want to continue living and working. We are aware that sustainability can mean quite a different thing for artists from different parts of the world. Thus we would like to hear from artists, designers, architects who want to share what it means to be sustainable in relation to their practice.

Who can apply

  • Artists, activists, designers, architects
  • All visual arts and realted craft practices welcome
  • Established, mid-career or emerging professional practice
  • Regardless of age, gender or region
  • Duo’s/collectives may apply as well
  • No application fee applies

How to apply

You must have an active website, an active facebook and an active instagram account. To complete the application form an gmail address is requiered

  • Applying is done digitally
  • In English
  • Via the application form
  • Add your artist statement
  • Add images of 3 projects & descriptions
  • Duo’s /collectives: 1. form per group
  • And add your CV (max 3 pages)

Go to application form

The button saves the word document to your pc.
Fill up the form and save it as .pdf
Send it together with your CV to
Subjectline: frstname_surname_syh2020

Hints for applicants

  • Applications are viewed on a horizontal screen
  • Incomplete applications will be discarded
  • The decision of the admission’s board is final
  • Corresponding about the decision is not possible
  • Late applications will not be accepted


Selection procedure

Your application will be assessed by an admission board consisting of team members of the SEA Foundation and external experts


Results are expected no later than 15.01.2020

14 december 2019
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