World Press Photo 2023 - The Stories That Matter

World Press Photo 2023 - The Stories That Matter

The World Press Photo Foundation and De Nieuwe Kerk present The Stories That Matter – a talks program reflecting on today’s pressing topics through the eyes of photojournalists and critical thinkers.

This event brings together the public with the 2023 Contest winning photographers, who come from 23 different countries, from Morocco to the Philippines, Ecuador to Ukraine, and Armenia to Mexico. Throughout the day, they will showcase their work in the exhibition and engage in conversation with the audience.

On the talks stage, international speakers, thinkers and doers will explore, discuss and analyze the climate crisis, conflict and social justice; and in the social space, photobook experts will host a workshop on what makes a good photobook.

Join WPP23 for this thought-provoking and inspiring day that illuminates the stories that matter. 


12.30 - 13.30
Framing the Future: Visual Storytelling and Climate Action
How can photography drive awareness of the climate crisis and what role can visual storytelling play in creating climate action?  

Alice Aedy, United Kingdom, co-founder and CEO of Earthrise
Joi Lee, Korea/United States, head of editorial at Earthrise

14.30 - 15.30
Does Photography Speak Over Borders?
It is said that photos ‘speak’ across cultural and social divides, telling stories in more direct ways than language. But how do they do this? And is photography enough to create solidarity?

Moderator: Ann Rigney, Ireland/the Netherlands, professor of Comparative Literature, Utrecht University
Kateryna Iakovlenko, Ukraine, visual culture researcher, writer, and curator
Sahar Shirzad, Afghanistan/the Netherlands, human rights activist, writer and programmaker
Tina Farifteh, Iran, the Netherlands, photographer and filmmaker

16.30 - 17.30
Swimming with Crocodiles: Why Press Freedom Matters

Shahidul Alam, Bangladesh, photographer, writer, curator and activist


Throughout the day, the awarded photographers from the 2023 Contest will be speaking in front of their work in the exhibition. Meet the photographers and hear their stories first hand. Exact timings to be confirmed.


Lee-Ann Olwage, South Africa
Nick Hannes, Belgium
M'hammed Kilito, Morocco
Mohamed Mahdy, Egypt

North and Central America

Jonas Kakó, Germany
Carlos Barria, Argentina
Cristopher Rogel Blanquet, Mexico
Ashley Peña, United States


Maya Levin, United States
Mads Nissen, Denmark
Anush Babajanyan, Armenia
Hossein Fatemi, Iran

South America

Musuk Nolte, Peru/Mexico
Alessandro Cinque, Italy
Fabiola Ferrero, Venezuela/Colombia
Johanna Alarcón, Ecuador


Alkis Konstantinidis, Greece
Evgeniy Maloletka, Ukraine
Simone Tramonte, Italy
Cesar Dezfuli, Spain/Iran

Southeast Asia

Mauk Kham Wah, Myanmar
Hannah Reyes Morales, Philippines
Kimberly dela Cruz, Philippines
Chad Ajamian, Australia

Honorable Mentions

Jonathan Fontaine, France; Ahmad Halabisaz, Iran; Weimin Chu, China; Emilio Morenatti, Spain; Tomás Francisco Cuesta, Argentina; Nadia Shira Cohen, United States.

13 mei 2023
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