A wonderful trip through Shakespeare's land in 1910 in colour!

A wonderful trip through Shakespeare's land in 1910 in colour!  

Go back more than a century in time on a spectacular trip to see the England that Shakespeare used to know! Visit his favorite haunts like Leamington Spa, Kenilworth castle, Stratford upon Avon, Warwick & Warwick Castle, Anne Hathaways cottage and much more.

Anne Hathaway was Shakespeare's wife whom he married in 1582. Shakespeare's most important works were written around the year 1600. We also see the house of Marie Corelli. She was a novellist who moved to Stratford-upon-Avon in 1899 and did a lot for this town. This film has been motion-stabilized, speed-corrected, A.I. enhanced and colorized by means of sophisticated modern software.

For more details, please see the timeline below:

00:00​ Leamington Spa 00:33​ Kenilworth castle 01:21​ Warwick Guys Cliff Mill 01:42​ Warwick Castle 02:12​ On the road to Stratford Upon Avon 02:30​ Between Warwick and Stratford Upon Avon 02:48​ Beautiful old bridge, next to Charlecote Garden Centre 03:15​ Notice no tarmack but hardened dust roads! 03:21​ Some gate (location?) A unique construction! 03:42​ Stratford Upon Avon 03:51​ Anne Hathaway's Cottage (pity we don't see the lovely garden!) 04:09​ Shakespeare's birth place 04:28​ His Grammar School 04:45​ Shakespeare Memorial Theater 04:58​ Home of Marie Corelli 05:16​ On the river Avon 05:50​ Boating along the banks of the river Avon 06:12​ Slightly over-exposed film footage (could not be corrected). Location (?) 06:24​ The end.

Music: Claude Signet: "Countryside Breakfast" & "Coming of Age". Much obliged Rick88888888