Going back in time: Daniel Gould’s 3D List, Art in Amsterdam #70

Once again the Netherlands is in recession. Austerity has done its cruel trick. The first half of this year has had fewer openings than previous years. RED DOTS are few and far in between. What can be done? 3D has already suggested a new government, but the last time that was tried (September 2012) we got nearly the same old, same old all over again. If you analyze that it means the people have got what they want. Why they find the situation and status quo appealing is beyond me. 

But the "good" news is that prices are down so it is now a perfect time to buy. So show some hair and give the finger to all the grim economic news and contribute to an artist---and their families---welfare, Not only will you have a life-long aesthetic commodity to admire, but you will feel better about yourself. Kid you not!


Bits & Pieces

Art Fair Review: KunstRai 2013

Museum Reviews: "foam"

What You Have Missed:


...And more on the effects of austerity..."The number of traffic jams in the Netherlands fell by 26% over the first three months of the year...'There's always a sharp correlation between the economic conditions and traffic jams.' Inrix [a traffic info firm] director Bryan Mistele said in a statement. 'Jams show you if people are commuting to work, going out to eat and shopping.'  www.DutchNews.com, 24th April. Well, there's that. 

...And there may be a light at the end of the tunnel. "Europe Commission leaders now think that austerity has been misunderstood. Jose Manuel Barose, who heads the European Union's executive body, and economics affairs commissioner, Olli Rehn, say it's time to relax the rigid fiscal discipline they have advocated for members of the Euro zone for the last three years. But the harm has already been done."  He got that right! It is like closing the barn doors once the horses have fled. 

...Oooops...Perhaps I  spoke to soon about the light at the end of the tunnel..."The economic turn down meant that the government collected less taxes than expected in 2012...the shortfall amounted to 11 billion euro, pushing the budget deficit up to 4.1%. This is 'directly attributable to lower growth figures,' the finance minister said. The downturn affected all forms of tax, from income tax, corporation taxes, value added tax [BTW] and the tax on house sales." Hey, told you so! I predicted that the cuts to the cultural segment has meant a lot of people out of work and needing unemployment benefits and NOT paying taxes. And guess what..."The European commissioner Olli Rehn told a news conference that the current deficit is due to the nationalisation of financial services group SNS Real and 'economic conditions which are more serious than expected. That leads to changes in the recommendations; the deficit should be reduced to under 3%,' Rehn said. This means further cuts will be inevitable commentators said." I'm confused. Is Rehn contradicting himself?  www.DutchNews.nl 

Restaurants and cafes are laying off staff and the unemploymnet rate for horeca has sky-rocketed. And, in the USofA, last year's deficit was half of previous years and that is directly atributable to rising employment; more people paying taxes; and less unemploymnet cost. 

Here is a good article concerning the issue: "Austerity's reign may be near end," by Andrew Higgins (www.iht.com, 27/28th April, 2013)...And, yet, another: "The one percent solution," Paul Krugman says, in part, that "austerity has not worked, only made things worse." That's my boy! (www.iht.com, 27/28th April, 2013). He got that right! 
Not sure what this is all about but the brochure is a very nice layout and it appears to be all about: ART. See: www.aimatart.nl
Brancusi said, "Create like a god, command like a king and work like a slave"...Kokoschka said that producing art was "a man's timid attempt to repeat the miracle that the simplest peasant girl is capable of at any time, that of magically producing, life out of nothing."  These quotes are from BORZOnieuws, #31, April 13th 2013.

ART FAIR REVIEW:  KunstRai 2013 

The 29th edition of KunstRai has opened and will continue until Monday the 20th of May. 

Well, there is good news and bad news...Always best to begin on a positive note, therefore good news first.

...And the good news is that there is a lot of good art to see. And considering the smallness of the fair, only 60 galleries showing, the mix could not be more eclectic. Everything from representational to conceptual with abstract, expressionism, objects of art, sculpture, video, photography and, well, just everything you can imagine and some things that you can't, in between. 

Because 3D has a deadline---so that you have an opportunity to read these comments and still see the fair---I am not going to discuss individual artist nor galleries. You will see favorite artist who have been showing for years like Armando or Henneman as well as young artist exhibiting at an art fair for the first time. And there are surprising things to see. Studio Job Gallery shows objects of art that are large, gaudy and spectacular, all at the same time; Galerie Clement has a b/w theme; and "gallery 9" has about ten booths with an incredible range of geometric/abstract art in several styles and forms. 

 Of the galleries showing, eight are designated as being "Raw Edge." Each of them were given half spaces, at a reduced rental fee, so as to allow them the opportunity to reach a larger audience. A few like the Mini-galerie, which is located in the galleriest' small living room, in the center of the city, has nearly as much space as it permanent location. And these galleries present sometimes innovative concepts like Galerie Vriend van Bavink which is currently participating in a rather unique exhibition at their home location (scroll down for review). Note worthy, too, is that this is nearly an all Dutch fair. Only three galleries hail from other countries---USofA, Belgium and Italy. 

Go...You'll see something you like...Kid you not!

Now for the bad news. KunstRai---like last year---is back in the dismal Hall "M."  Hey, folks, that's where they have the boat and caravan shows. Obviously, it has been down-graded by the owners of the concession, the RAI; and it seems to be permanent. Regrettably! The kitschy trees, of last year, are gone, but the uncovered black cement---and well scarred---floor stands out like a sore thumb, especially when you are looking at a very good work of art priced at 30,000 euro. Along the walk way is green carpeting that looks out-of-place. I described last year's fair as shabby. Nothing has changed. For some reason, I expect a "rich environment" for beautiful and aesthetically pleasing things and objects. And this lack of any emphasis on ambiance can also been seen at the "terraces/terras" serving food and beverages. You sit on old wooden folding chairs which are uncomfortable; and the tables are made of plywood and covered with brown wrapping paper. Ugh! 

Also something else that stands-out are the galleries you won't see. The list is long. Nearly all of the Amsterdam' galleries that describe themselves as avant garde are absent. Several galleries that were at last year's fair have not returned. And one gallery that had exhibited in the 28 previous shows didn't come this year.

Austerity is raising its ugly head in a variety of ways. And it is injecting a debilitating venom into several venues of the commercial society. Hopefully, when the economy once again begins to produce revenue for the art lover, the powers that be will revert back to the good old days of Wim van Krimpen's world of art or that of ArtAmsterdam...Ah, yes, thegood ol' daysThose were the days, my friend....

Until the 20th May. 

Entrance fee: 15 euro. 



If you are a reader of the National Geographic magazine or view their cable-TV station, don't miss this exhibition. The magazine was instrumental and has continued to be relevant as to covering the world and the most overlooked locations. They have gone to mountain tops and rain forest and other nearly inaccessible places. 

The main show at "foam" is the work of Koos Breukel and Roy Villevaye. They visited Ti (Papua New Guinea) one of the most isolated villages in the world. Breukel is one of the Netherland's leading photographic portraitists. Villevaye, on the other hand, is a conceptual artist and has been visiting the area since 1992. The two of them recorded the images of every one of the 120 inhabitants of Ti, "The first thing you notice [in the show] is the simple fact that all the men, women and children of Ti were photographed twice, once by Breukelk and again by Villevaye."

In total, there are about 150 photographs. You sometimes forget how far the village is removed from the civilized world because you see its residents wearing iconic T-shirts and caps embossed with logos like for Pernelli. On the brighter side, there is not one Coca-Cola logo nor McDonald arch visible. Maybe they are more civilized then they have been given credit for.

There is a minor thing that will probably be overlooked. In all of the photos there is only one--- in a group photo---with someone smiling, a young boy of about 12 offers a very subdued smirk. Perhaps this fact has something to do with village customs or their state of mind? 

Needless to say, the technical quality of the photographs are top notch...And you won't be able to miss the wall-size photo measuring approximately, 3.5 meters high by five meters across. 

Until 19th June. www.foam.nl 

Keizersgracht 609

WHAT YOU HAVE MISSED...But there still may be time...

Let's start this off with a bang!

Masha Trebukova (Russia)  is hanging several works at BORZO (Keizersgracht 516). She is an abstract/expressionist. But unlike other artists of that bent she goes easy with the colors. But don't misunderstand, there is much color: greens, browns, ochres, blacks and white. However, none are really pronounced but laid back and subtle. Another technical feature is that many have a collage add on. But, again, used judiciously and effectively. There is work in the purity of only b/w; and she also creates scrolls. (20x20 cm. collage, mono type on paper; 63x48 cm pastel on paper @ 1,500 euro; 50x300 cm. scroll, mixed media on textile @ 2,250 euro; 200x255 cm diptych, mixed media on canvas @ 13,500  euro)  NINE RED DOTS. Until __?__. www.borzo.nl 
The Ravestijn Gallery (Westerdoksdijk 603-A)  is new. It will specialize in photography; the galleriest has been collecting photography for 25 years. The current show is for the French photographer, Vincent Fournier. According to the press release has several interest: biology, physics, space travel, astronomy and geology. This exhibition is both biology and in a way physics, too. The show's title is Post Natural History. He exhibits his "cabinet of species."  You will see what first appears to be several taxidermist masterpieces. Perfectly preserved and beautifully photograph birds,reptiles, animals and bugs.However, look closely and you see that the rabbit has a human eye, the beetle has a GPS locator in its antenna, and both the lizard and dragon fly look as if they are made of a metallic substance, they reflect the light. Aside from the framed work there is a port-folio which is in an limited edition of 50 copies and contains 20 color prints. In addition, there is a 270 page book available. Past Forward is a book of his photographs and divided ito different concepts: Physic/robots; genetics, Brasilia, et al. In English @ 50 euro. (Box set of 20 prints, Ed. 50 @ 1,200 euro; 32x32 cm. C-print mounted and framed, Ed.10 @ 3,000 euro; 120x108 cm C-print mounted and framed Ed 10 @ 5,500 euro).  Until __?___. http://www.theravestijngallery.com/ 
Jac Bisschops is back at ARTTRA (2e Boomdwarsstraat 4) for his annual exhibition and with new work. It is amazing to look at his work and realize that his style never changes but never really repeats itself either. In any one show you do see a theme that maintains a recurring style, but check out previous work, from previous years, and you see how much that style has really changed but, in essence, has remained the same. What he does is continue to reinvent a very simple concept. Subtle nuances in both colors and basic composition creates something totally new. He is painting with tempera on either wood or linen and sometimes adds a little gold leaf. (20x20 cm. tempera, gold leaf, Ed 7 @950 euro; 43x43 cm. tempera on linen @ 3,900 euro; 54x54 cm tempera, gold leaf on wood @ 4,800 euro)  Until 28th June. http://www.arttra.nl/    www.jacbisschops.nl 
TEN HAAF PROJECTS (Laurierstrat 248) is showing the work of Thomas Mailaender (France) which is conceptual. And there are nice surprises. A photo of a setting sun looks almost like a smiley icon and is rich in hues of red and is also back lit. Four high-boots are reconfigured into an image of a Prussian Cross. The piece de resistance---or so 3D thought---is an installation that is not an installation in the traditionally understood sense. That is, it is for sale in sections. Individual pieces can be purchased. However, should you want the whole work as one, I am sure they can make you a price. It pays homage to Duchamp, Calder and football. Football? Well, yeah, but you gotta see it. (Laser engrave flint stone, unique @ 1,000 euro; photo with light box @ 1,000 euro; 105x75 cm. Cyanotype and Rayogram @ 1,750 euro) Until 1st June. www.tenhaafprojects.com 
Seven artists join forces for an examination if life in the city and the use of urban space at SMBA (Rozenstraat 59): Wilfredo Prieto, Alfredo Marquez, Laercio Redondo, Oscar Abraham Pabon, Leticia El Halli Obeid, Jonathas de Andrade and Abraham Cruzvillegas. But before you start forming images in your mind be warned that you will need to stretch your imagination and read between the lines because the view is conceptual. That means that the work is undefined, ambiguous and often just mysterious. However, that doesn't mean that the artistic element is in anyway diminished...And that's the mysterious factor. Until 23rd June. www.smba.nl 
"Beelddragers" is pop-up type of art initiative and occupying Gallery Bart's former address at Bloemgracht 2. Dennis Duijnhouwer's photographic theme is artificial flowers. He has photographed them in several countries. He uses an analog camera and that means real film. No PhotoShop. Good compositions. Unfortunately, it only popped up for a three day run. (20x30 cm. Ed 1/1 @ 350 euro) THREE RED DOTS. Sorry, no website available.
In honor of the Queen's abdication and the new King's investiture Leslie Smith Gallery (Minervaplein 10)  presents works picturing Queen Beatrix, Willem-Alexander and Maxima. It not only pays homage but sometimes pokes a little satirical fun at the Royals. Miquel Segall does the latter with his series of four silk-screens showing a hairless Beatrix (Ed 40, 1998 @ 1,350 euro) and each in a different color. On canvas, he has immortalized the new King smoking a hookah (oil @ 3,500 euro)..."Fincent" (nee: Vincent van der Feer)  is most traditional in presenting the three principles; and each with a separate painting (112x112 cm. @ 7,800 euro/each). He shows the three Royals all with big smiles on their face...Other artist in the show---one Chinese and one Aborigine---were elected because each piece of theirs is heavy on the color of orange. Until 12th May. www.lesliesmith.nl 
Well this is an interesting take on both photography and video to convey a concept. Gabriel Lester presents "The Secret Life of Cities," at Galerie Fons Welters (Bloemstraat 140). Lester surreptitiously "views" the city streets, buildings living residences, et al through natural foliage. Our view of the city and its happenings are badly interrupted by leaves, tree branches and cherry blossoms. Two wall projected videos add the city sounds to the same style of imagery. (87.5x130.5 cm C-print on aluminium, Ed 3, framed @ 3,500 euro) Until 1st June. www.fonswelters.nl 
Galerie LWW (1e Bloemdwarsstraat 5) is exhibiting Sanne Thunnissen who has some unusual ideas for themes that are adaptable to a camera and lens. In one series, she takes the ribs of an umbrella, and against a black background, spray paints them in various colors then snaps the shutter. The result is a linear abstraction. She also hangs a series devoted to plants. They look great but, hey, it is all an illusion. She has "painted" the discolored leaves to give new life to the plant. Then there is the series of photos that she took while holding a pair of binoculars held in front of the lens. The results are sometimes stunning. (24x60 cm. luster print on aluminium + frame, Ed 5 @ 250 euro; 50x70 cm. luster print on aluminium + frame, Ed 5 @ 550 euro). https://bit.ly/2LSAL2G                www.sannethunnissen.nl 
Marteen Reinbold is at WGKUNST (Eerste Helmersstraat 102) and has paid homage to the Queen's abdication by showing his photo/journalistic work of rioting and police action in Amsterdam. A series of 30+  documents the 30th April 1980 and are dramatic to say the least. Another series in "Vogelstruys, 13 July 1980" with police fighting squatters. He has a knack at capturing the moment. (photo  @ 50 euro each) Until 5th May. www.wgkunst.nl
Two artists are showing at BMB (Kerkstraat 129). Lars Bang (Denmark) is a painter's painter. The imagery looks simple almost like comic strip art and there is also humor; and there is fantasy and artist's jokes. But when you get your nose up to the canvas is when you begin to appreciate his painting skill. Look at the color definition and detail in the faces of his figures' faces. (25x35 cm. drawing @ 330 euro; 130x190 cm. oil on canvas @ 3,100 euro)...Maxim Wakultschik(Russia) paints miniatures and for the most part they are women. One series is almost a homage to Edward Hopper's use of light; plus there is a melancholy that we almost associate with the master. There is another series which is rather unique. Think of cutting a ball in half and then painting on it.The results are unexpected illusions and perspective. (6 cm diameter, oil on plastic @ 250 euro; 33x25 cm. oil on dibond, Plexiglas @ 1,800 euro). Until 15th June. www.galeriebmb.nl 
If you have an undying interest in drawing here is the show for you. WITTEVEEN (Konijnenstraat 16)  hangs a group show of eight artists. And what a great overview it is combining the purely representational with the avant garde. The examples range from pure b/w to colored pastels. Stefan Kasper is a figurative artist that embellishes his imagery by using cut-outs which are added as collage or just left blank. And he has lots of color...Ron Amir does charcoal on paper with surreal and spiritual imagery. You will feel angst and also drama. Sometimes zombie-like figures wander through an elaborate composition...Ger van der Klught has a thing for wooded areas. Many of which seem to be in recovery from a recent forest fire. Good compositions...Nicole Schulze has an unusual and endearing approach to drawing: Anything Goes! She uses pencil, color pencil, ink, thread and yarn to create original compositions...Anita Groenen does avant garde "Pointillist-like"  ink drawings. The theme is composed around a grid and sometimes she adds tiny figures. Her show-stopper is 1,600 of these tiny figures---each a cut out---arranged in a circle about 180 cm in diameter, Each small figure has a pin stuck through it which mounts it to the wall and it sits about three cms from the wall. The result is a shadow casts on the wall and produces another dimension for the work. Nice!...Another interesting technique is by Marleen Kappe. She draws figurative scenes and makes them three dimensional. Really! What she does is to make cut-outs and attaches them to the actual drawing. Clever! And there are two more to artists to see. Until __?__. https://bit.ly/2NR0zdF 
At MLB (Witte de withstraat 32) is Els Bannenberg who makes both drawings and paintings in the geometric abstract style. The imagery and compositions are interpretations of a photograph of either a landscape or building. She displays the original photo along with four, five or more of the resulting compositions. (40x25 cm. acrylic on paper @ 380 euro; 40x40 cm. acrylic on canvas @ 530 euro)...Irma Horstman works in iron to form geometric abstract sculptured pieces. The forms have an organic feel; and while most are small there is a monumental aspect to them. (20 cm. high, iron @ 125 euro; 100 cm. high iron @ 1,750 euro)  Until 26th May. www.elsbannenberg.nlwww.irmahorstman.nl 
RON MANDOS (Prinsengracht 282) is offering a solo exhibition for Anthony Goicolea (USofA/Cuba) who has a mixed bag of styles and techniques. But more captivating is what he does with these tools. The imagery is quirky to say the least. There are elements of the surreal and spiritual. So to describe his work as representational is only the opening sentence to a book. Most of the work is b/w with lots of gray nuances. Some have hints of color that seems to have been added almost as an after thought. His drawings are notable because of their originality and something else. It is that something else that's hard to put your finger on. The reason might be that he uses Mylar both as drawing paper and canvas. Mylar is a space aged material developed by NASA to act as "solar space sails."  It is a super strong synthetic material. And Goicolea has brought Mylar down to earth. (39x32 cm. graphite + ink on Mylar @ 3,600 euro; 115x165 cm. Lambda print on dibond with anti-reflex perplex @ 11,000 euro; 182x206 cm. graphite, acrylic + ink on Mylar @ 31,500 euro)  THREE RED DOTS. Until 6th June. www.ronmandos.nl 
SEELEVEL GALLERY (N.B. at: Friday Next, Overtoom 31) is a floating gallery. It finds an empty place and occupies it until someone else comes along and signs a lease. The current location may be more permanent. The gallery is located in the basement of a concept store called Friday Next. It specializes in designer furniture, decorative accessories and has a kitchen serving lunches and late into the day. SEELEVEL current exhibition is for Diana Scherer who photographs flowers both individually and as a bouquet. However, there is something both delicate and subtle about her work. The imagery is sharp and with good colors. Many bouquets have been shot against a colored background which compliments the work very nicely. There are about 16 examples hanging. (21.5x17 cm. poster @ 50 euro; 28x21 cm. "poppy field" Ed. 10, framed @ 580 euro; 50x40 cm. inkjet print, Ed 10, framed @ 1,350 euro) Until __?__. http://carolineobreen.com/, 
...Treat yourself to a FREE ferry ride across the IJ to the NSDM-werf and view the exhibition at VOUS ETES ICI (Ms van Riemsdijkweg 41) for Martijn Schuppers. The work is conceptual. 3D starts with that because the work is difficult to describe. The imagery is almost subliminal if indeed you can call it "imagery." Many canvases look almost like they are monochromatic and to a degree they are. But, there are nuances that span from white to sort of  a silver; something like looking at a cloud. And there are constant changes taking places which are motivated by the light in the room or the angle you view the work from. In a few, Schupper's goes in a completely different direction with a array of color presented abstractly or linearly. (45x35 cm. ink-jet print on paper, dibond and Plexigals, Ed 5 @ 1,100 euro; 135x102 cm. @ 6,000 euro; 240x180 cm. @ 11,000 euro)  Until 9th June. https://bit.ly/2vwApoe 
At "galerie 9" (Keizersgracht 548) there is a group show for three artists. Hubert de Boer does concetpual geometric abstract drawings with pencil and sometimes a "wash" with a subtle application of white or blue or a touch of red. But there is something free style in the abstraction, you might say there is a strong an identifiable character to the work. (750 to 850 euro)...Don Satijn makes construction reliefs and sculpture pieces. 3D would describe it as contemporary Jan Schoonhoven-style in that it is based in form and design on conceptual redundancy with a few twist. (650 to 2,500 euro)...Coen Vernooij  creates conceptual geometric abstract objects from metal. The designs are both simple and minimal. Some are perfectly flat against the wall while others are three dimensional and in several configurations. (800 to 2,750 euro). Until 22nd June https://bit.ly/2O2dGJ6 
Mark Demstender (UK) in his Dutch debut, is hanging paintings and drawings at LIFE (Lauriergracht 96). All the work is figurative/portrait studies of females. His style is interesting because the drawings are both sketchy and vague. The sketchy part is in the body form. Simple lines like an artist makes while doing studies and the emphasis is on the face. The face of the ladies is vague and more often than not in shadow but some how, and through it all, you can see emotion. In some of the drawings there is an added factor with the addition of collage. However, unless you get your nose up to the glass you'll surely overlook these add-ons. The torn paper added is meant to give the imagery more depth...and it does. All the drawings are in glorious b/w. His paintings are as subtle and especially the shadowing and vagueness but with color added. Mostly the color is a powder blue that compliments the imagery nicely.  (40.4x40.5 cm. oil on board @ 4,500 euro; 117x81 cm pastel, collage on paper @ 5,500 euro; 109x109 cm oil on canvas @ 21,500 euro)  Until 15th June. www.lifeamsterdam.nl 
...And now for something completely different...Forget the hotel, rent a gallery---Galerie Vriend van Bavink (Geldersekade 58)----to sleep in,up to five person, at 90 to 120 euro...But, hurry, it is only for a month and 20 nights have already been reserved. So, what's it all about? Aukje Dekker offers "Unique Art Experience in the Absolute Centre of Amsterdam" and the point is what the people staying at the gallery/hotel will do for the gallery/hotel and what the gallery/hotel will do for them. Dekker is redefining the definition for a gallery. She has created a business plan to promote such a gallery. Well, why not? Potential guest can "register" at www.vriendvanbavink.nl  and request as many as three nights. This isn't the first time Dekker has come up with an unusual concept. Less than a year ago, she  hung 20 abstract expressionistic paintings all looking identical. Each was priced in increments of 50 euro from 50 to 1,000 euro. It was interesting to see what works sold first...And not all were at the lowest possible price. Until 10th June.
At "gCS"  (Postjesweg 8) is May Snevoll von Krogh (Norway) in a nicely arranged exhibition because of an extra dimension. The work is representational/figurative ceramic work. On entering the gallery, your attention goes directly to the back wall. You see two Siamese twins---or so they appear---standing 130 cm high. What sets them off is the wall they stand against has been painted to resemble a gray and cloudy day in Holland. Another wall---painted in the same style---has standing before it a young girl of perhaps 12 who is looking at a hole in her chest which goes through and out her back as if shot with a bazooka. Before her is a dead lamb that has been shot in its rear by the same weapon. All are in white so there is no shock factor of seeing red "blood." But there is the sense of violence. Another figure is a boy-soldier holding an AK-47 rifle. A painting hangs which again looks like it could be an angry and stormy Dutch sky, however it is "decorated"  with 20+ ceramic roses. (150x110 cm acrylic paint plus ceramic @ 3,400 euro; 65x40x15 cm ceramic @ 5,2250 euro; 130x35x25 cm ceramic @ 10,900 euro) Until __?__ https://bit.ly/2NjgosL   www.mayvonkrogh.com 
Photographs by Lydia Panas are hanging at the Eduard Planting Gallery (1e Bloemdwarsstraat 2). She photographs young people and in groups with friends, brothers and sisters. But make no mistake about it, these are portraits and not snapshots. She captures both mood and emotion. Often you see a sort of melancholy mood which seems to reflect the song lyric, "Is that all there is..." by Peggy Lee. (45x57 cm. C-print. Ed 10 @ 1,450 euro; 80x100 cm C-print, Ed. 5 @ 2,450 euro, smaller size available) Until22nd June. www.eduardplanting.com 
Are you in to realism? If so there is a good show to see at Galerie Lieve Hemel (Nieuwe Spiegelstraat 3) with the paintings of Bernard Verkaaik. He is a realist if not a hyper-realist. On view are still-lifes which are comprised of pots---both clay and metal---onions, plums, figs, lemon and limes. The pots tend to be old and with a patina to match there age. And whether you are looking at the onions or lemons, the detail is phenomenal. And while all this is done perfectly, it is his use of light that sets everything off and in its glory. (40x50 cm oil on panel @ 12.000 euro; 70x50 cm oil on panel @ 24,500 euro; 90x120 cm oil on panel @ 65,000 euro)  Until 8th June. www.lievehemel.nl 
Harrie Gerritz first showed at Galerie Clement when it was still  the Printshop way back in 1973. Since then he has had over 20 exhibition. No one remembers the exact count. And what is truly amazing about this track-record is he has been doing the same thing for 40 years and counting. However, he is constantly updating his style and as a result the "same thing" is always something new and different even though the symbols remain the same. He rearranges, reconfigures and rethinks it all. Color is one of his strongest points so a black/gray and white painting comes as a pleasant surprise. There are also four iron sculpture works on display and his jewelry designs. Again, both reflect the imagery of the rest of the work. (jewelry @ 650 euro; 24x18 cm. oil @ 950 euro; 60x50 cm. oiul @ 3,200 euro; 120x100 cm oil @ 7,500 euro; 81 cm. high iron sculpture @ 3,500 euro)  FOUR RED DOTS, Until 8th June. https://bit.ly/2J3VcnE 
Wouter Stips used to create and draw strips. No more. However, his paintings still show the influence. He has hung at AquArtis Gallery (Entrepotdok 129) work that is colorful, humorous, fun and sometimes thought provoking. And you see the strip influence in the weird figures and animals with neon colors. Unusual compositions sets it all off and he adds pithy topography like, "The fish said to the man."  (50x50 cm. acrylic on liner @ 2,500 euro; 100x100 cm. acrylic on linen @ 5,000 euro; 180x100 cm. acrylic on linen @ 11,500 euro)  Until 23rd June.  https://www.aquartisgallery.nl/
Life is all about art! Hmmmmm...wish I had said that; in fact, I think I just did. So what does it mean? It means put a little more life into your life and buy a work of art and do it now, not next month or next year...Common, let's buy our way out of recession....3D is: over and out!





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