Going back in time: Daniel Gould’s 3D List, Art in Amsterdam #72

The 3D list begins it ninth year with this edition...And the message is still the same: SUPPORT AN ARTIST...Better yet, sponsor several artists by buying from them..,.You'll feel better and be rewarded everyday for the rest of your life and the artist will continue to EAT!







The big news, to start the new season, is the resignation of Anne Goldstein, as director of the Stedelijk, as of 1st December 2013. Personally, I find this regrettable. Regrettable because we have seen so little from her since the museum has been reopened and only back on regular exhibition schedule for a year. There has been inordinate amount of bad press which I have not understood with so little to make judgement on. There were a few minor exhibitions after the renovation of the original building had been completed but severely abbreviated.

A Volkskrant journalist, Rutger Pontzen said that she and the museum had never been a good match. There were problems with the government---hey, shortly after assuming the position as directory, her budget was cut by 30%---and the press. Well, the latter criticism is probably accurate. I approached her after one of the first press reviews---at an outside gallery opening---and said, "I have a complaint." She gave me a 100 watt smile and said "I'm not taking any complaints today!" Whatever. 

Pontzen went on to criticize the few shows she instigated by saying that they "were neat, predictable and introverted presentations." Maybe he wasn't born when Wim Berens gave us Jeff Koons and too young to remember Rudy Fuchs fascination with the British Brats and offered Dennis Hopper in a major retrospective. 

I was looking forward to seeing where she would take the museum...Well, that became problematic a year ago when I realized I was no longer receiving press releases from the museum. After 29 years, I had been dropped. Through a third party, I heard that I was not a member of the "real press." Okay, but am I a "real journalist?"
WE LIKE ART is at the Westergasfabriek presents Start Buying Art  with 100 artists from the 5th to 8th of September. www.welikeart.nl 
"Soiree Anniversee," (12th Sept) at Huis Frankendael, is a celebration of the five years of its existence. There is a program that begins at 17:00 and last until 01:00 in the wee hours of the morning. "House music, stories, art and good food (by Resterraunt Merkelbach)."  Preordered tickets at 15 euro; at the door 17,50 euro. More info at: https://bit.ly/2N9Pc3H ... and more to come...

An Art Dinner will be held on the 18th Sept. at Huis Frankendael with  Frank van der Salm and Simone Pots. The dinner is prepared by Restaurant Merkelbach (see review at www.gould3dlist.blogspot.com, List #6, 2010). More info at: www.foundationfrankendael.nl 
The Ron Mandos Young Blood Awards have been awarded to: Tom Lore de Jong for his video work and his print "Group Portrait."  The Best Graduate Photo Talent Award went to: Lonnekede Groot. The wards were made on the 31st of August at the gallery.
The  ARTE Art Prize LAGUNA is accepting entries until 30th Oct. And it may well be worth your time to check it out. The total prizes, to be awarded, will come to 180,000 euro. There are these sections: painting, sculpture/installation, photography, video art, performance, virtual and digital art. www.artelagunaprize.com
On the last list of the Amsterdam Art Season (#7) 3D mentioned seeing the FACEBOOK page for George Takei. He had a series of photographs with pithy comments and captions. I also mentioned that I wasn't acquainted with the name. Later, and from  curiosity, I Googled the name and was surprised to learn that he is noted as an "actor and activist" and that he played Mr Sulu on the original Star Trek series that ran in the states beginning in the later 60s. He is also the author of "Oh, Myyy:  There Goes the Internet."  
Laser 3.14 is still at it: "Half a Lung, half a liver," hmmmm, maybe he had started medical school. Seen at Bloemgracht 82.
At the Melkweg Photography Gallery, there was an exhibition featuring the heavy metal or speed metal noise makers: Motorhead. The photos were taken by Pep Bonet. He had this comment, "My dream was to get to know Motorhead, my worst nightmare was to follow them."  And he did for three years. One photo 3D liked was of a simple sign: "49% motherfucker; 51% son-of-a-bitch." Damn! Wouldn't want to run into him on a dark street at three in the morning. 
An article titled "Art sales go globe trotting,"  by Graham Bowley was featured in the www.iht.com 22ndAugust issue.
There was a book presentation at KochxBos (1e Anjeliersdwarsstraat 36) for "Boat People of Amsterdam," by Jowi Schmitz and Friso Spoelstra. A beautiful overview of the people who occupy all the house boats we see; three photos of Amsterdam under snow are outstanding. Available in Dutch and English at 24,95 euro. www.amsterdamboats.com or check the gallery.


"foam" (Keizersgracht 609) opened a retrospective exhibition for Edward Steichen photographs that appeared in Vogue and Vanity Fair between 1923 and 1937. It would be easy to make a  case for the fact that he was perhaps the first fashion photographer. He had replaced Adolphe De Meyer whose photographic compositions were contrived. Steinchen wanted to present his models as "modern women." A top model  Marion Morehouse was photographed in 1925 holding a cigarette. A bold move at that time. You will note, too, that the style he established would become the standard model for fashion photographers that would follow. He set the bar for every fashion photographer that followed. 

Steichen was a master of the art. And you will see over 200 masterpieces that he personally created. There is not one that falls short of that description. Each photo is a perfect composition of b/w contrast, posing, sets and the haute couture of the day.

Vogue and Vanity Fair were, at the time, fashion magazines and a social registry. It pictured the famous, near famous and the society world as it was then. You will see all the greats from two decades: Greta Garbo, Marlene Dietrich, Charlie Chaplin, Gary Cooper, Gloria Swanson, Al Jolson, George Gershwin, Frank Lloyd Wright, Walt Disney, Winston Churchill, Cecil B.  DeMille, a zoo director, prize fighters, writers, et al. A real rogues gallery of who-was-who. 

There was something magical about his technique. And it was his ability to make everything and everybody look dramatic that he pointed his lens at. www.foam.nl 


De Appel Art Center had been looking for a new and permanent location for the last couple of years. The cost was a fundamental consideration. It found a place at the Prins Hendrikkade 142 and to help cover overhead it rented out space for a restaurant. The result is MOES. 

MOES coordinates specially priced dinners with De Appel' openings and when there are performances or talks. The menu is varied. One recent special offer was roasted suckling pig. I pondered over whether I should alter my schedule---the pig was on a rotisserie and looked far from being done---or skip the offering. I still regret my decision which was to skip it. Mistake!

For a recent performance, I arrived an hour or so before the time so that I could partake of the dinner special. Actually, there were three to select from and all priced at 12.50 euro: Vegetarian, a beef stew or fish (Halibut). I went with the latter and ordered a glass of the house' white wine (3.80 euro). 

The halibut was served in a soup bowl laying atop boiled and sectioned potatoes, cut-up tomatoes, carrots and venkel. The fish was lightly battered and pan fried to perfection. That is, a nice outer-layer crunch and a moist and tender interior. A broth had accumulated at the bottom of the bowl and I used a spoon to scoop it up. 

Unfortunately, since I had ordered one of the special plates, I was never offered a menu. Pity, because I may had selected an appetizer and/or salad. Several selections listed would later make my mouth water. I say later because, after finishing the meal, I did spot a menu and made a quick study. ........Any of which would have been a perfect complement since the main course was not quite enough. Well, realistically, I had not expected too much from the "blue plate special" and should have asked for the menu at the start.

But the meal left me well enough satisfied as to quality that I have the desire to explore their menu to more depth another time. Oh, yeah, as to the house wine...Well, that was another story. I never got it...That's not accurate. What happened was that at one point into the meal I realized that I had not been served the wine so I tried to get the waiters attention. Hmmm. MOES was busy! My waiter was harried. Finally, I just said the hell with it...Until it came time to pay the bill, that is. I had gone up to the bar and asked for it and looked it over and said, "I never got the wine" (it was on the tab). The waiter looked at me, then turned to look to the end of the bar and there sat a glass of white wine and a glass of water. He apologized profusely; deducted the wine from the bill; then handed me the glass and said,"It's on the house!" I took it and retired to the front of the building, took a seat with a table and opened the book I was reading and sipped my wine. It was a good house wine: fruity and refreshing. 


WHAT IS HAPPENING THIS WEEK...One helleva lot...It is Crazy Saturday, after all...

6th September: Friday

15:00 Zone2Source (Amstel Park: Glazen Huis, Orangerie and Rietveld Huis), Martijn Engelbregt. www.zone2source.net  

17-19:00 MLB (Witte de Withstraat 32), Marjolijn van Doorenmaalen and Jaap Burger. www.mlbgalerie.nl

17:30 Prince Claus Fund Gallery (Herengracht 603), Zanele Muholi is a photographer in conversation with Boris DittrichRSVPhttps://bit.ly/2LhADq4 

17:30 Galerie Kahmann (Lindengracht 35) A group show of five photographers. www.kahmanngallery.com

7th September: Saturday: 

15-19:00 C&H Art Space (2e Kostverlorenkade 50), Mezzapelle - Deriu www.ch-artspace.com 

15-18:00 Gallery Vassie (Langestraat 47), Annette Den Ouden, photos.  http://www.galleryvassie.com/

17-19:00 Jeanine Hofland (De Clercqstraat 62), "A project exhibition about conservation and relating to an original art work revolving around a story about a collector."  Also, on 14th Sept. a lecture by French artist and researchers,Christophe Lemaitre, in English. RSVP at: mail@jeaninehofland.nl 
More info: https://bit.ly/1hWdbzL 

17-19:00 PuntWG (M. v. B. Bastiaansestraat 15), Eva Gonggrijp and Richard Tolmeyer. www.puntwg.nl 

16:00-18:00 Galerie Mokum (OZ Voorburgwal 334) Qiangli Liang. www.galeriemokum.com 

16-18:00 Eduard Planting Gallery (1e Bloemdwarstraat 2), Terry O'Neill. www.eduardplanting.com

16-18:00 Galerie  De Witte Voet (Kerkstraat 135), Trees de Mit, ceramic. www.galeriedewittevoet.nl 

16-18:00 Galerie Clement (Prinsengracht 845), a group show of the gallery's artists. https://bit.ly/2J3VcnE 

16-18:00 AdK (Prinsengracht 534), Chris de Burgerwww.adkactuelekunst.nl

17-19:00 Wetering Galerie (Lijnbaansgracht 288), Hinke Schreudershttps://bit.ly/2QsUHZm 

17-19:00 Galerie BMB (Kerkstraat 129), Joachim Nieuwhofwww.galeriebmb.nl 

17-19:00 Akinci (Lijnbaansgracht 317) Deniz Buga and Miguel Angel Rioswww.akinci.nl

17-19:00 Lumen Travo (Lijnbaansgracht 31), Kathe Burkhart (USA). www.lumentravo.nl 

17-19:00 Van Gelder (Planciustratt 187), Klass Kloosterboer and Jona Lund. www.galerievangelder.com

17-19:00 Van Krimpen (Hazenstraat 20), Works by Gerrit Rietveld and Geert Lap, curated by Frans Leidelmeijer and Kees Kousemake.  www.wimvankrimpen.nl 

17-19:00 Galerie W. van Leeuwen (Hazenstraat 27), Pietro Mattiolohttp://www.woutervanleeuwen.com/

17-19:00 Ornis A.Gallery (Hazenstraat 11), Julius Hofmann www.ornisagallery.com  

17-19:00 Gallery Gabriel Rolt (Elandsgracht 34). Dawn Mellorwww.gabrielrolt.com 

17-19:00 Gallery Ron Mandos (Prinsengracht 282), Levi van Veluwhttps://bit.ly/1NONWvU 

17-19:00 M. van Zomeren (Prinsengracht 276), Martijn Hendriks, Alexandra Leykauf, Willem Oorebeekhttp://martinvanzomeren.nl/

17-19:00 D. Stigter (Elandstraat 90), Helen Verhoeven. 

16-19:00 Huis Marseille Museum for Photography (Keizersgracht 401). There are now two canal houses for the museum and both are open for an exhibition with 14-15 artists from 14 galleries showing 130 photos. www.huismarseille.nl 

17-19:00 Galerie Paul Andriesse (N.B. new location: Leliegracht 47), Jan van Pavert. www.paulandriesse.nl

17-19:00 TORCH GALLERY (Lauriergracht 94), Philip Akkermanwww.torchgallery.com

16:30-18:00 LIFE (Lauriergracht 96), Birgitt Buswz and Harrie Blommesteijnhttp://www.lifeamsterdam.nl/

17-19:00 Annet Gelink (Laurierstraat 187), Roger Hiornswww.annetgelink.com 

17-20:00 Ten Haaf Projects (Laurierstraat 248), Luka Kurashviliwww.tenhaafprojects.com 

17-19:00 Galerie Fons Welters (Bloemstraat 140). Frederique Pisvisse, Pisuisse & Vasiljeva, Evite Vasiljevawww.fonswelters.nl 

17-19:00 "tegenboschvanvreden" (Bloemgracht 57), Dieuwke Spaans

17-19:00 Gerhard Hofland (Bilderdijkstraat 165), Malin Persson and VERANDA, and Yuri Karchenkowww.gerhardhofland.com 

16-19:00 Van Zijl Langhout (Brouwersgracht 161), Joost Benthemwww.vzlart.nl 

17-19:00 Appels Gallery (Brouwersgracht 151), Raquel van Haverwww.appelsgallery.nl 

17-19:00 Willem Baars Projects (Hoogte Kadijk 17), Four Japanese artistshttp://www.baarsprojects.com/ 

17-19:00 GRIMM (Frans Halstraat 26), Alex Verhaestwww.grimmgallery.com

17-20:00 Qlick Editions (Gerard Doustraat 134), Four photographers work together: Caspar  Jassen, Peter de Krom, Peter Gerritsen, Regina van der Klostwww.qlickeditions.com 

17-20:00 Leslie Smith Gallery (Minervaplein 10), Zhuang Hong Yi and Simon Ma. www.lesliesmith.nl 

17-20:00 UPSTREAM GALLERY (Van Ostadestraat 294) Maartje Korstanje, ceramic.  www.upstreamgallery.com 

17-19:00 Ravenstijn Gallery (Westerdoksdijk 603), Mikael Jansson, photography. http://www.theravestijngallery.com/

16-18:00 Galerie Pien Rademakers (KNSM Laan 291), Caspar Faassen, photography. www.galeriepienrademakers.nl 

18:00 Galerie Cultural Speech (Postjesweg 6) Stacey Tyrell and Backra Bluid https://bit.ly/2oVJhAS 

20:00 WALLS (Prinsengracht 737), Silas Schlettererhttps://bit.ly/2LRAexM 

8th September: Sunday

13-18:00 Kunst Is Kunst (Nieuwevaart 200) Joop Haring, Wil Jansen, Tonneke Sengers, Katrier Voghhttps://bit.ly/2NPMaxU 

16-18:00 PS (Madurastraat 72), Koen Delaere. www.psprojectspace.nl

16-18:00 Galerie R. Katwijk (Lange Leidsedwarsstraat 198), Niek Hendrix and Tijl Orlando Frijnswww.galerierogerkatwijk.nl

17-19:00 VOUS ETES ICI (Ms v. Riemsdijkweg, NDSM Laan, FREE ery from CS), Chrisof Mascher, Tanya Rumpff/Robert Nicol and Wim Rietveld. A special type of exhibiton.  More infoat: https://bit.ly/2vwApoe 

12th September: Thursday

16-19:00 Art Affairs (Veemkade 354), Jan Eric Visser www.artaffairs.net

17-19:00 Jewish Historical Museum (N. Amstelstraat 3), Dan Zollmann (Bel), photography. www.jhm.nl 

19-21:00 StadsArchief Amsterdam (Vijzelstraat 32)  will hang photography from the Fotostudio Merkelbach. In addition, contemporary portrait photography by Edwin Olaf, Bloomers-Schumm and Petra Stavast will be on view. Check out the website for a list of FREE lecture series with four dates beginning with 3rd Nov. https://bit.ly/1WeP2EC     , www.redeenportret.nl   

14th September: Saturday

15-17:00 Galerie Petit (N.Z. Voorburgwal 270), Peter Voshttps://bit.ly/2uFfPSi 
16-19:00 Galerie Bart (Elandsgracht 19), Erik de Bree and Erik Bruijswww.galeriebart.nl

17-19:00 SMBA (Rozenstraat 59), "This is not an opening but a beginning..." That's how Jelle Bouwhuis,the director, describes it. More info at: www.smba.nl 

The closing comment will be brief. There is more than enough to choose to see so just go and: BUY, BUY, BUY!!!!!!!

Photo: Edward Steichen in Foam