On God #6

May 24, 2011

Daniel Gould to Bob Wilson



Hi Bob;

Last Sunday, I wrote perhaps 600+ words in reference to your concept. That was my "introduction." Since then, I have been mulling over what you said and what you have not said. My personal writing schedule is limited so it will probably not be until this coming Sunday that I once again get back to it.
As to whether I am interested in the John the Baptist role...well, I might better describe my effort towards the project as a "Zuckerberg" moment.
And as to suggestions...I have a few, but that is a major segment of the letter-in-progress.
How is the mending process coming? Kicking any footballs as of yet?
As to my waiting for the end of the world, last Saturday, I forgot all about  it until I read a report, on Monday, in the Int Herald Tribune that God had called it off because of lack of interest.




Any suggestions?