Amsterdam Art Gallery Tours, guided by Daniel Gould

Daniel Gould, writer of the 3D List and author on this site gives Art Tours in Amsterdam. Usually with High School students, but anyone can join. It takes 90 minutes and each time several galleries are visited.

Some reactions: ‘On the sixth of November the class made an interesting guided tour around the art Galleries situated in the Spiegel quarters of Amsterdam. We were accompanied by a well known American Art Collector who took us to several Galleries and explained the highlights of each gallery we visited.’

Classical art

‘We were on a school trip with my class and my English teacher Karlijn. I thought it would be totally boring. My mood was pretty bad, but it changed immediately when an old, little American man started talking about art. His name is Daniel. Everything he told I enjoyed listening. The Gallery I loved the most was the one with classical art, where it was prohibited to take pictures, so I could not pick my favourite object. But I loved every gallery we visited actually (except for the one with art made of stuffed animals, it was beautiful but disgusting at the same time).’

We went with school on a gallery trip. I really liked it, most galleries were very beautiful. The most beautiful gallery was the Jasky gallery. There was an exhibition of works of the art duo: the deux garcons. They make avant garde art. There work is very innovatory and absurd. They don’t make ordinary paintings but something different.’

If interested, send a mail to Daniel R. Gould,


Kerkstraat 105
1017 GD Amsterdam



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