Generation Europe

European citizenship not without culture

Chantal Mouffe motivated by passion

Conversation on Europe Felilx Meritis 2013

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Generation Europe


European citizenship

If Europe aims to be the continent of citizens, where the citizens leads its future, we need the well-informed, critical and engaged citizen who is able to see that Europe is not Brussels, that politics are only instrumental and that culture: who we are, how we behave, how we celebrate the quality of diversity, is essential; as José Manuel Barroso, the former president of the European Commision, recently said. This can only achieved by promoting access to culture for everybody and to develop means of communication with the audiences.

Chantal Mouffe

Society is divided between left and right It is important that left and right are points of view that can’t be reconciled. It is important to recognize that there is a tendency to think we can overcome this distinction between left and right. It is important to recognize that we will not overcome this categorization. There is a tendency to say: this was alright for the nineteenth century, but in our post-industrial societies we no longer make that distinction. Tony Blair, for instance, used to say we are all middle-class, so we all agree. This what I’m criticizing. That tendency is what I call post-political.

Conversation on Europe

Is Europe in a crisis of values? Does the continuous erosion of trust in our democratic infrastructure require that we define new values or do we have to ask ourselves if we do not practice the values we preach worldwide? These fundamental questions are often avoided in the debate on Europe but the discussion cannot be delayed any more.



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