Everything opens

meeting your gaze,

rocks rise

like shouts

seas rush, flooding your feet

trees, leaves bloom

nod over roads

smudged with cement

Your eye sees gold

the prodigal sun has burned

in skies cold blue

and blood blue veins.


Everything opens

eyes, ears, mouth, limbs

open to the surge of  rivers,

thick of deserts,

short, sleek coats of animals on farms,

on city pets,

in wilderness where furtive things caress

your back and scurry off.

You see, hear

icy flares of steel

break bone, drain blood;

hear indiscriminate howls

from mouths collapsed in hunger.


You close.

Your eyes close deep against the shapes,

the colors of your known horizon.

And now you only hear

what nerve ducts know—

that seas boil cold,

that earth spins on warped tracks;

The river rises, braids your feet,

your hands like mummies shrivel,

fierce glaciers hug your face;

All through your pile of flesh

you hear the river scream and lash

you like a refugee whose home

will never be on land

but in the waves;

like lightning

splitting flesh,

the river sifts

your quilt of cells

till they dissolve

till you are gone,

hurtled back,


to first burst of life.


Everything opens you

rising on waves

not water,

a phoenix blazing light.

Flesh done.

Light without end.


Mara Lemanis  



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