The Remains of Masculinity (1983 and 1993) by Ellen Schippers

The Remains of Masculinity (1983 and 1993) by Ellen Schippers

For my friends and followers.

This time two videos of a performance I developed over the years: The Remains of Masculinity, one from 1983 and one from 1993.

The first version of the lemonade costume originated at art school and was part of my first fashion show there (1981). In collaboration with the film department, a film was made of it at the time.

In 1983 I decided to expand the whole into a performance and to present it in a theater under the direction of Marian Lijdsman, with music specially composed for the performance. I have performed this performance in countless places, from Amsterdam to New York and from Wuppertal to Vienna.

Finally, the experience space The Remains of Masculinity formed the final piece of my major solo exhibition Frauensehnsucht (Loods 6, 2010), the video of which was previously posted on my You Tube Channel.

Now on YouTube a video of the performance in the Vondelpark Open Air Theater (1983) and of a later version in the Kleine Komedie (1993).

Nice to see the differences on my YouTube channel 7 Faces of Women!

I wish you a lot of viewing pleasure,

Ellen Schippers



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