The ‘Theatre of Wrong Decisions’, #BreXit

The 'Theatre of Wrong Decisions' can be briefly described as a fusion of visual arts and theatre. It manifests itself in short video productions critically responding to highly controversial and sensitive issues in today’s world.

The video clips are closely linked to similar situations in Shakespeare’s plays. By using Shakespearean quotes the originators of ToWD are putting current issues of moral concern into a universal perspective. The images the artists work with are made from Dutch clay. The artist want to connect the oldest material used for artistic expression, clay, with the most resent 'material', moving image.

Theatre of Wrong Decisions is growing and gets more and more support over the world. This last film is about BreXit. The Theatre waited with the release of this film because they decided to wait and look at the consequences after a few month of BreXit. An other reason was that they wanted to wait until the European Commission was back from Holiday and starts moving.

Theatre of Wrong Decisions spots frightening developments:

Xenophobic crimes had an "unprecedented spike" in England and Wales after BREXIT June 23. 2016. The estimated costs by the British Ministry of Finance are between £68,7 and £171,9 billion. A loss of £2.200 yearly for each household!



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