World Fine Art Professionals and their Key-Pieces, 132 - Jaap Burger

Jaap Burger’s last exhibition took place in the Amsterdam MLB gallery and was titled ‘Spring light in September’. He did it together with Marjolein van Doorenmalen. On Burgers paintings, there were mouths, noses and especially ears. Each ear differs from the other ear, was once again revealed.

Why this choice for facial parts? In his explanatory talk at the opening, Jaap Burger said that it was a loaded but intriguing topic. That he was mesmerized by parts of faces. Also autistic persons can have that, he indicated. "They literally have no eye for the face itself. If you focus on parts, you'll see how wonderful ears are, for example. They are different from each other and therefore unmatched interesting. "

Gerhard Richter

In addition, there were his paintings from the series ‘Without Direction’. Burger: “The painting itself is the story.” It's a wink to Gerhard Richter, the famous German painter, founder of 'capitalist realism'. "He also doesn’t stick to one theme. I feel related to him. Like him, I do not construct a classic painting in this series. I let it happen. The painting has to paint itself.”

The paintings in this series are in line. Asked for a key work, he mentions this series. "It's this direction I've been working on, and where I will go along." Unlike other work, sales are still not so strong.


In addition, he also makes sculptures. They are beautiful and original pieces of art. "It's a party for myself. They also sell well. But it will still be ‘spielerei’. Essentially, I'm about painting.”

He has been doing that for more than thirty years. In 1981 he graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy and since then he has been engaged in visual arts, occasionally with a side job. He arrived relatively late at the Academy, until his 26th he had worked in business life on the basis of a technical training. "But that didn’t prove to be my vocation."

Keep an eye

He was one of the class's elders. When a teacher went out of the classroom for something, he would say, ‘Jaap, will you keep an eye on everything?’ He does not have to make paintings anymore because he is retired as it is called. But he can not let it go. The visual arts remains his passion, passive and active and “Gerhard Richter is my great example”.

In september 2017 Jaap Burger had his third exhibition in the MLB Gallery, together with Marjolein van Doorenmaalen.




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