World Fine Art Professionals and their Key-Pieces, 371 – Ana Ivanovska

World Fine Art Professionals and their Key-Pieces, 371 – Ana Ivanovska   

At the exhibition 'Symbiosis & Coexistence' in ‘de Windwijzer’ in Vlaardingen, recently organized by Zhanhong Liao, I saw work by Ana Ivanovska from Skopje, North Macedonia. In particular her five-piece work 'Mark my feelings'. That was about her constant search for a sense of unity with the universe through love, connection and togetherness.   

Ana Ivanovska was happy to provide further explanation. In her art she enjoys exploring the universal themes of mankind, she says. “The eternal questions, providing a complex content that causes the recipient emotions and questions related to the human thoughts about the existence, eternity, path, time…” 

A hidden geometry 

During her postgraduate studies, she did a lot of research on the subject of sacred geometry. “It’s a hidden geometry, not obvious or recognized at first appearance that nature, cyclical and perfectly organized within its structures and appearance, inevitably follows. My major works, my installations are carrying the idea of oneness and interconnectedness of all things in nature in its numberless diversity, with the emphasis of the dualistic unity of which all life comes from: micro cosmos – macro cosmos; one – multitude; female principle – male principle; life – death. They refer to the principle of inseparability and union as a continuous reminder of our relationship to the whole.” 

“Also, creation of new life, the holiness of the act of giving birth was the main theme for a long time in my audio – visual installations. Not only as an idea of human birth, but also the idea of cosmic birth, the genesis of the Universe.” 

The global pandemic 

Nowadays, the influence by the global pandemic leaves traces in everyday life and routine. “It reflects in my photography, where I put the focus on my inner nature and various mental states and situations, emphasizing the fear that appeared at the beginning of the expansion of the virus and the limited freedom that I felt. Works that I’ve created that period, have an optimistic view, perceiving likewise the positive sides about the period of quarantine, having the possibility to increase the appreciation of life, developing the sense of satisfaction and fulfillment throughout finding my own inner peace and through uniting with my family.” 

Why is this theme important for her?   

“The representation of the ‘metaphysical world’, the concept that there is more space than it can be seen, that there is a vaster horizon, attracts my interest and triggers the creativity. It is more a result of my search for answers to certain aspects of our human existence.” 

When she was younger she was really interested and inspired by natural science, cosmology, Eastern religions, mythology, symbolism. “Then I began to transfer those interests into my art which was the only way that I could express myself at the fullest, everything that I felt and gathered as information. I started to work with symbols and I implemented geometry in my art. Through that geometry I felt closer to the idea of the cosmic, spiritual and divine, the internal sacred connection between man and the world. My personal eternal search for perfect balance of the spiritual and the material principle defines my artistic writing.” 

Does Ana have a key-work? 

She has. It is site-specific installation ‘Sun’.  “In many of my exhibitions, I was concentrated on the spatial concept of art that transforms the gallery space as well as site - specific installations which entraps and impose visual impression upon the spectator with its oversized dimensions. I love materials and always look for new ways of using them. Every medium has its very unique qualities which can only be expressed with this specific medium.” 

‘Sun’ is the key-work in her overall opus so far. “It’s also the biggest installation so far, yet very simple and compact in which I used very specific materials and I really got a great feedback from the audience. The Sun represents a very strong, ancient, fundamental symbol of creative energy. It’s a symbolic center, the heart of the Cosmos. As a source of warmth, it represents the life strength, passion, courage and eternal youth. This artwork represents the connection that I feel towards the city I grew up in and that is the reason why I chose to place a significant symbol in the center of my city.”   

How long is she an artist? 

“I was born and I live and work in Skopje, North Macedonia. Early in my adolescence, after I finished elementary school, I decided that I wanted to continue my education in the High school for Applied Arts. Those were my beginnings of intensive involvement in the field of art. I enjoyed the art practice so much, that it felt natural for me to continue my education at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Skopje where I graduated in 2006 at the painting department and followed a course of conservation and restoration. In 2007 I finished the Pedagogical Department at the same Faculty and afterwards in 2011 I received a Master degree in Fine Arts in the field of painting from the Faculty of Fine Arts.” 

She is also a member of Association of Artists of Macedonia (DLUM) since 2006 and one of the founders of the art group and cultural alternative art exhibition space Art I.N.S.T.I.T.U.T. (2009 – 2011) in Skopje. “In 2012 I became part of the seven members (founders) of the female artist group ‘MOMI’ (LADIES). Now, I am an owner of the company ‘Artist Workshop – Creative Puzzle’ (2014) and I have a status as Independent Artist (Ministry of Culture) since 2015.” 


Her work has been presented in various solo- and over 150 group exhibitions, performances, art colonies, workshops and artist residencies in Macedonia and outside the country (New York-USA, Canada, Ecuador, North Korea, Netherlands, France, Italy, Russia, Denmark, Mongolia, China, Austria, Sweden, Great Britain, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Montenegro, Kosovo, Croatia, Bulgaria, Albania and Bosnia and Herzegovina). She won several awards and was representative of R. Macedonia in the international competition, the VII Francophone Games in Nice, France (2013). 

“I gained a lot of work experience in the profession by making frescoes paintings of churches in Skopje and Veles, R.N. Macedonia (2017 - 2020); holding children's creative workshops through my company ‘CREATIVE PUZZLE’ and organizing various children's exhibitions with the Museum of Contemporary Art, Skopje (2016-2017); as a graphic designer, Skopje (2008); working on scenography for ballet for Macedonian Opera and Ballet (2007); in an art gallery, Skopje (2006).” 

What’s her philosophy? 

“Art is part of life, of who you are. The process of creation is not meant to give an answer but to raise questions. It provokes thinking and blurs boundaries rather than imposes limits. The conscious connection with myself is what I learned throughout making art. In that process, I experience a continuous and constant search for acknowledging my own nature, reaching for the feeling of unity with the universe. The process of my personal development through art makes me fulfilled. Optimistic by nature, my artworks are a true celebration of life with particular attention to both the sensual and the complete contemplative experience of the irresistible simple moments that celebrate life, which is fueled by satisfaction and the pursuit of the meaning of our existence.” 


1 - 2) Sun, 2009, 3) Tunnel, 2007, 4 - 5) Tunnel - Archetype Pictures, 2008, 6) Sacred Geometry, 2011, 7) Universes in Universe, 2011, 8) Celebrating Infinity, 2014, 9) Beginning Without End, 2017, 10) portrait Ana Ivanovska



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